The Internet Agency rejected the Department of Homeland Security’s request for corporate data

The cyberspace agency also clashed with President Donald Trump who Former CISA Director Chris Krebs fired After exposing the president’s conspiracy theories about the elections.

Woltornist wanted CISA to hand over the information the companies share with the agency related to the SolarWinds campaign, according to the second person.

A Department of Homeland Security spokesman confirmed that the department had submitted the request but not that it related to SolarWinds.

“A request from DHS headquarters has been submitted to CISA in all areas of critical infrastructure and contractual steps that CISA has taken to protect private sector information,” Department of Homeland Security spokesman Chase Jennings said. “With the scale of the recent cyber breach, sharing information about threats across the US government, while protecting contractual obligations, is a top priority for the department. The Department of Homeland Security headquarters is responsible for overseeing the operational functions of all its components, including CISA.”

Technical data about cyber breaches sometimes reveal proprietary information about the organization with which you partner. When CISA requests this information from companies as part of its efforts to understand cyber threats, it usually promises not to share confidential data with other agencies.

A CISA spokesperson, who has insisted on anonymity to discuss internal matters, said, “CISA regularly shares operational information with DHS leadership,” but has not addressed that specific request.

Dispute, It was first reported by the Wall Street JournalThe escalation of tensions between Trump loyalists within the government and CISA, which angered the president by exposing false allegations of election fraud that he and his conservative allies promoted to discredit President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

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In addition to expelling Crebs, the White House also forced his deputy and another senior CISA official to fire him. On Tuesday, the White House fired Sarah Cindyk, the director of public affairs at CISA, who joined the government alongside Cripps and worked closely with him to advance CISA’s election security work.

A person familiar with the matter linked Woltornist’s requests for confidential data to the friction that led to Sendek’s expulsion.

Political leaders in the Department of Homeland Security were trying to intervene [CISA’s] This person said, “Operational relationships with private partners, and I think that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

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