Southwest became the last major US airline to ban emotional support animals

On Monday, Southwest Airlines became the last major US airline to ban emotional support animals on its flights.

Starting March 1, Southwest will only accept travel-trained service dogs and will no longer recognize emotional support animals. Advertise.

Southwest has identified service dogs as “individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an eligible individual with a disability to travel with the customer.” The company said that dogs are only accepted as trained service animals.

Clients can bring other dogs or cats as pets for a fee, but they should be Store Under the seats.

The changes come after the Ministry of Transport issued a The final rule Restricting the definition of a service dog to an individual “who is individually trained to carry out an action or perform tasks for the benefit of a qualified individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychological, intellectual, or other mental disability.”

The rule also states that “Carriers are not required to identify ESA as service animals and may treat them as pets,” although “Psychological Service Animals” would be treated as service animals.

Steve Goldberg, Southwest Senior Vice President of Operations and Hospitality, said in a statement that the decision “allows us to make these significant changes to address many of the concerns raised by the public and airline employees regarding the transportation of untrained animals in aircraft cabins.”

“Southwest Airlines continues to support the ability of eligible individuals with disabilities to bring trained travel service dogs and remains committed to providing a positive and accessible travel experience for all of our customers with disabilities.”

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Southwest is the last major airline to crack down on emotional support animals during their flights. Associated Press Notes. American Airlines earlier this month Advertise a ban On the emotional support animals that went into effect for the flights booked on January 11th.

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