Senator Hawley’s “smart policy” to promote the idea that he was wrongfully punished: Kurtz

MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz He said on Monday Senator Josh Hawley Promote the idea it was on Punished unfairly It is “smart policy”.

Kurtz made comments on “America ReportsOn Monday in response to A. Editorial The Republican Senator from Missouri posted on New York Post The day before he was criticized Culture abolition.

In an opinion piece entitled “Time to stand against muzzling AmericaHawley warned that the United States could end like Communist China unless the Conservatives unite against this growing trend.

Josh Hawley’s Florida fund-raising program was canceled by Laws Hotels after a liberal attorney acquired a traveler on the Internet

Hawley wrote, “Everyone knows what a credit score is. But social credit scores are new.” “It is the newest import company from communism ChinaThe government and large corporations monitor the opinions and social data of every citizen.

Hawley on January 6 Join the objection of a member of the House of Representatives In the Pennsylvania Electoral College vote, which resulted in two hours of debate in each room about the validity of the list and a vote on whether Congress should reject it.

Democratic senators filed a complaint against him and Senator. Ted Cruz On the objections of the Electoral College. Cruz contested Arizona voters.

“I don’t like abolishing culture,” said Kurtz. “I understand why Josh Hawley is upset,” referring to the fact that Simon & Schuster decided not to publish An upcoming book from Hawley follows pro-Trump Riots at the US Capitol In January. 6.

Kurtz also indicated that a fundraising campaign is scheduled to take place in Florida in February for Hawley was canceled Earlier this month, Loews Hotels decided to withdraw from the event in the wake of riots at the Capitol Building.

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“Personally, I will not hold back,” Hawley wrote in an editorial on Sunday. “My book will be published, and I will continue to represent the people of my state without fear or favor, whatever the left or the companies say.”

Hawley’s book “The Tyranny of Big Tech” will now be Published by Regnery Publishing The Conservative, The company announced last week.

Kurtz noted that “as a US Senator, Josh Hawley has not been completely revoked.”

His book was chosen by Regnery Publishing, and he had this opening article [in] One of the biggest American newspapers, he has a twitter account, he can speak out, he can give interviews, he can hold press conferences, ”Kurtz said.

He added that “companies are private companies that have the right to support or not support anyone in public life.”

“This is smart policy from Josh Hawley,” Kurtz added.

“This was not well known, it was said to be looking forward to Running the White House In 2024 he revitalized his Republican base by promoting the idea that he was being unfairly punished for fighting with him Donald Trump against President Biden To be officially accepted as president 46, and that’s good policy in a Republican party where Trump still wields great influence. ”

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Fox News’ Tyler Olson and Evie Fordham contributed to this report.

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