Ohio’s Cornerback Shawn Wade enters the 2021 NFL project

Sean Wade is heading to the NFL.

Buckeye, a fourth-year and a sophomore rookie, chose to go into the 2021 draft, announcing on social media Friday that he would become a professional.

Not surprisingly, the Ohio State team has officially decided to head to the league. After exploring the possibility of becoming a pro after his third season, Wade is back in his young year wearing a red jersey looking to increase his inventory and win a national championship.

Wade received the All-Big Ten honors from Team Three as a first-year start in 2019, lining up as a corner hole for Buckeyes. He moved abroad for the 2020 season and entered the fall as the first All-American Team by the Associated Press.

Wade struggled throughout the season in his first college year as an outdoor corner. This included an all-night victory by DeVonta Smith in the National Championship game, and the Sugar Bowl’s up-and-down performance against Clemson and a pair of touchdowns surrendering to Jahan Dotson of Pennsylvania in Week 2.

But Wade still gets a nod The consensus of all Americans, In the vote that ended before the college football match. It was chosen as the first American team by both the Associated Press and Sporting News and made it to the NFL Second Team List.

Despite this, these all-American accolades are unlikely to improve his demo inventory, as he went from picking a draft from the first round to being a second player on most fictitious drafts.

Wade, who said after the National Championship match he would consider returning but ultimately decided it was time to go pro, became the first Buckeye underclassman player to officially announce that he would enter the NFL 2021 draft. The deadline for lower-tier men to announce the draft is Monday. .

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