sees its first transformation in years • announced its first transformation in years.

This new version of the popular Blizzard launcher is designed to “welcome players of all ability levels and make sure they have a smooth time navigating the app,” says Blizzard.

Title changes include improved navigation and layout (you can now prefer and arrange your games for ease of access), a more extensive news and game content layout, a revamped social segment, accessibility improvements, and a new, unified notification center. The images below show what the new looks like:


The patch is rolling out in North America first (my app is still in the current version). She said a powerful snowstorm will set off elsewhere in the coming weeks. “This is just the start of new features coming to; we will continue to iterate, improve and add to the app over time.”

Eurogamer Next-Gen News Cast – The Star Wars games we’d love to see next launched in December 1996 a few days before the original Diablo release. Launcher was officially renamed the Blizzard App in 2017, but Blizzard later reversed the decision. These days is the home of Activision’s PC games as well as Blizzard games. Under the Partner Games section you will find a large selection of Call of Duty titles, including Warzone.

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