General Motors unveils Cadillac, its self-driving car

General Motors on Tuesday introduced the Cadillac of a futuristic jet – a self-driving vehicle that takes off and lands vertically and carries passengers over streets and through the air.

A senior GM executive described the concept as “reimagining the future of personal transportation.”

The single-passenger Cadillac – technically, a vertical take-off and landing drone (VTOL) – will be able to travel from urban rooftops to urban rooftops at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.

It is fully independent and fully electric, with a 90 kW motor, GM Ultium battery pack and an extremely lightweight chassis with four pairs of rotors.

The Cadillac flying car was introduced in a video as part of a virtual presentation by CEO Mary Barra, along with a family-friendly electric shuttle from Cadillac.

Parra revealed last year that the carmaker was exploring alternative modes of transportation such as air taxis.

The concepts in the CES video were introduced by GM chief design officer Mike Simcoe, who described the VTOL as “the Cadillac of urban air mobility”.

“VTOL is key to GM’s vision of a multimedia future,” he said.

The Cadillac standalone shuttle, described in the video as “coming soon,” features a Cruise Origin-like box-shaped silhouette, also designed by the Simcoe team. It features front and back sliding doors and a panoramic glass roof.

The cabin features wraparound lounge seats, plus biometric sensors, voice control and hand gesture recognition.

General Motors declined to reveal more details.

Other automakers, including Toyota Motor, Hyundai Motor and Geely Automobile, have previously offered aerial vehicles as part of their future planning.

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Shares of General Motors rose 6.2 percent to $ 47.82.

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