Galaxy S21 Ultra video leak provides a peek at One UI 3.1 and S Pen support

  • A video leak revealed the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s One UI 3.1 features.
  • This includes the long-rumored S Pen support.
  • The camera features have received some notable upgrades in particular.

You might not have to wonder what One UI 3.1 will bring to the Galaxy S21 Family – Maybe a dropout showed everything. GSMArena Reports it Jimmy is promo Share a video showing many of One UI 3.1’s features, including the much-rumored Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen support.

A lot of fashionable Galaxy Note The feature set appears to have moved over to One UI 3.1, including separate screen notes, Air View, and Air Command. While the S Pen is said to be optional for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung doesn’t appear to have compromised the software.

One UI 3.1 will also bring several camera upgrades, according to the leak. You’ll see a multi-camera feature using a Snapdragon 888 (And possibly Exynos 2100) to display live views from three cameras simultaneously. You will also see focus enhancer and more camera settings that can be accessed.

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Other adjustments? Samsung Internet and Notes data will be synced between phones and tablets, allowing you to copy on one device and paste to another. You can also drop Discover Google For news for Samsung Free, if this is your preference.

The clip also appears to confirm the Galaxy S21 Ultra specifications that go beyond support for the S Pen, including 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of expandable storage (unlike the regular S21 models) and a 5000 mAh battery.

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If the video stops, Samsung will confirm several of these details on its site January 14th Unpacked Event. It’s safe to say that One UI 3.1 wouldn’t be a drastic departure from version 3.0 – the update is primarily there to accommodate the hardware-specific features of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and its lower-end counterparts.

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