Senator Johnson slams Chuck Todd for displaying “really rude, unprofessional” in an “interview with the press”

Exclusive: Republican Senator Ron Johnson NBC News host criticized Chuck Todd To demonstrate “really rude, unprofessional” during a heated interview in the Sunday edition of “Interview Press”.

Johnson told Fox News that he agreed to appear on “Meet the Press” because he believed Todd wanted to discuss the coronavirus relief package, but was instead confronted with being among the Republican senators who threatened to veto the results of the Electoral College.

Todd opened the interview by noting that Johnson told a newspaper last month that he would not object to the Electoral College testimony “unless something emerges” to substantiate President Trump’s allegations of widespread election fraud.

Republican senators, led by Cruz, to challenge the Electoral College degree and demand emergency audits

What has changed to put you suddenly on the side of questioning the outcome? Todd asked

Johnson urged viewers to “read” the letter he signed with other Republican lawmakers outlining their plan to challenge certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory until the investigation into the fraud allegations was completed.

Johnson tried to explain himself, but Todd angered the Republican from Wisconsin along the way with a series of comments, including describing Johnson as “on fire” claiming he had helped ignite the “fire” that led to allegations of election fraud. Johnson promptly dropped Todd’s comments during the interview and explained them in detail when Fox News reached him.

“It’s a pity that Chuck Todd showed really horrible and unprofessional behavior. I don’t care who the US Senator is, but accusing a US Senator of being a burner and putting words in my mouth – I didn’t light this fire,” Johnson told Fox News.

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NBC News declined to comment on Fox News.

Johnson says approval of the Electoral Commission is a “long shot, at best,” but “someone should get answers”

Todd also insisted during the interview that Johnson had spent a lot of time over the past two years “carrying a lot of this crazy conspiratorial waters for President Trump,” and asked if he was simply trying to “win over” Trump supporters.

Johnson tried to answer the question but wanted to cut it off again.

“Stop, you can’t release these unproven allegations,” Todd said, before explaining to Johnson why there is a judicial system to ensure election integrity. Todd went on to ask if the Homeland Security Committee would hold hearings upon landing on the moon, suggesting that rumors and allegations were apparently all that Johnson would require to question legality.

Johnson defended himself on air and the bickering continued, but the senator feels Todd’s outburst is simply the latest example of Americans’ distrust of the mainstream media.

More than 100 Republican House members contest the Electoral College degree

“ The media set this blaze with Democrats, FBI members, world comics who conducted a corrupt investigation – Democrats lied about evidence of Trump’s camp colluding with Russia when they testified under oath, behind closed doors, ” Johnson said, referring to the director of the FBI The former Federalist “did this for two years, the media carried its water” James Comey.

“What created the situation was the left, the media, social media so biased that you have conservatives in America who simply don’t trust the mainstream media,” Johnson said. “They don’t trust her and why should they?”

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Johnson feels that Todd and other members of the mainstream media may have debunked some of the fraud allegations but turned around and claimed that voter fraud did not exist at all because they wanted Trump to lose.

“They made a comprehensive statement, all of this is discredited,” Johnson said. “There is no evidence, nothing that can be seen.” “The press wanted Biden to win.”

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