Ben Rothlesberger’s future has yet to be determined

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Steelers Quarterback Ben RothlesbergerHis red eyes and wet cheeks said a lot about his future. His decision to stay on the bench long after the match ended said a lot about his future. When he met the media via video conference after losing a playoff match Sunday night to Brown, Rothlisberger said little about his future.

“Well, it starts between me and God,” Rothlisberger said of the looming decision to keep playing. “Lots of prayers. And after that, I talk a lot with my family, discussions, decisions. And you know, I still have a year ahead of my contract. I hope the Steelers want me back, if that’s the way we’re going. There will be a lot of discussions, but Now is not the time for that. “

Probably the reference to a year remaining on his contract, and to the Steelers’ desire for his return, was not an accident. Roethlisberger received $ 12.5 million he had not yet earned; If he retires, the Steelers have the right to claim all of it back. If they cut it, he owes something.

“I hope the Steelers want me back,” he said. His maximum figure of $ 41.25 million became official on March 17, at a time when the team’s total spending limit could be as low as $ 175 million. If they want him back, they must sign an extension that kicks off the lid for the next year.

What if he says, “I’m just going to fulfill my contract”? The Steelers may have to release him in order to reduce the cap fee by $ 19 million. And then he would become a free agent, able to sign a new team if he wanted.

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It’s impossible to imagine Roethlisberger in any other outfit. Just as it was impossible to imagine Tom Brady Or Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, or Philip Rivers In any other outfit. Ben may decide he wants to keep playing, but he wants a fresh start.

These are the options: (1) Retirement. (2) play; (3) Imposing release to avoid payment of $ 12.5 million and retirement; Or (4) Imposing release and signing with another party.

It’s a story that will hover over the team and the league for the next two months. And if the Steelers movie ends up moving forward, they’d better either have a solid backup plan on site or they could be left in the North Asian dust, given that the division features star players like Lamar JacksonAnd the Baker MayfieldAnd and Joe Boro.

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