Samsung’s Smart Home Vision includes smarter refrigerators and vacuums

There are also new tools here for the novice cook or dietitian – you can plan a week-long family meal plan in a calendar for all to see, and linking to a Samsung Cooking app provides meal inspiration, automatic ingredient ordering, and guided cooking instructions through the tubes through the refrigerator’s 25W speaker. Ironically, while this is a family-friendly refrigerator, there is no way to upload your family’s recipes in the accompanying app; All of them culled from approved sources by Samsung teams.

Meanwhile, the newest company Robot vacuum JetBot 90 AI + – combines the usual room-feeling LiDAR array with a large number of cameras powered by Intel’s on-device image recognition algorithms. We’re told JetBot can recognize as small as 5nm objects, and after knowing what to look for, make quick decisions about how to manipulate them – or weave around – as needed.

If it is small and round, JetBot may specify what grain or pet food should be spilled and plowed directly. And if the object contains the visual stimulating properties of dog feces? Well, in that case, JetBot might choose to stay away, so as not to smear your pet’s mess across your clean floors. JetBot can discover people; If so, and you are not there, Void will send you a notification to let you know.


In addition to its AI intelligence, you can set JetBot to avoid specific areas and schedule cleaning sessions, as always. And perhaps best of all, all of the debris that JetBot picks up gets thrown into the docking station upon completion, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the little robot after every trip around your living room.

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Now that we spend more time at home than ever before, bragging about smart devices might not be a bad idea. Samsung hasn’t offered pricing for any of these smart home devices yet, but expect to see them pouring out on store shelves soon enough.

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