The Warriors aren’t the best five-man team yet, but Steve Kerr can wait

Steve Kerr remains committed to the Warriors’ starting line-up, whether or not it’s the best five-man unit in the Golden State.

Steve Curry, Kelly Uber Jr., Andrew Wiggins, Diamond Green, and James Wiseman have shown flashes together since the start of Season Green for the first time on January 1, but they are yet to click. on Monday Beat the Los Angeles LakersOubre, for example, was the only Golden State player to finish with a positive score (plus 5) during Best match of the season.

On Tuesday at 95.7 ‘Damon, Ratu and Kulsky’ he said he would Continue to start these five In order to build chemistry.

“If I have to win a match tomorrow, I won’t start that group,” Kerr said. “If this was a one-time thing, I would start with a different group and maybe go into some different groups. But this is the team that I want to see develop a really good defensive identity, and James has to be there. Kelly Andrew should be together on the wings, to guard LeBron. [James]And as my revelation [Leonard]Paul George and all these men. “

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Carrie and Greene have the right chemistry for players who have been teammates for nearly a decade, but Oubre, Wiggins and Wiseman are still relatively newcomers. Weizmann has not played even 20 college and National Basketball Association matches since graduating from high school in 2019, and Wiggins has not played a single game with both Carrie and Green in the Warriors squad last season, and has traded Golden State with Oubre not even two months ago.

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Weizmann hardly ever participated in the boot camp and Green never did, so the junior warriors have trained together for a little over a month. They started nine matches together in 2021, a byproduct of a compressed timeline in the middle of a global pandemic still ongoing.

According to Kerr, the group’s lack of cohesion is normal.

“So it will take some time, and in the meantime there will be some growing pains,” said Care. But I agree with that because for us to be great on the road – be it by the end of this year or even next season – James has to evolve, and Kelly and Andrew have to feel comfortable. I’m willing to sacrifice some things early in the season to try to get to where we want to be later. “

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The slow start to the starting line-up hasn’t sunk the Warriors yet. The Golden State is 5-4 since Greene’s return, and Tuesday entered eighth in the Western Conference.

There are still 59 games left in the Warriors roster, and Kerr appears to be planning to use every one he can use to ensure the Golden State’s starting lineup lives up to its collective potential.

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