The death of Hank prompted Aaron Braves to change their name to this

Friday’s death in Hank Aaron reinforced calls for Atlanta Braves To change their name in his honor.

Since Aaron was known as “Hammerin ‘Hank” when he was finger-hitting during his illustrious career, fans started inviting Braves to change their name to Hammers.

An online petition on began to circulate online after Aaron’s death.

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“The renaming serves two important purposes: 1) it honors the icon that has represented our city with grace and dignity for more than half a century, and 2) removes the stain of the city from having a team name insulting the indigenous and indigenous peoples. The petition said that“ the trail of tears began in the area the team considers its home. “, Especially considering one of the greatest tragedies in American history.

The petition received more than 300 signatures as of Saturday evening.

Dale Murphy appeared to be among the first to endorse the idea in 2018.

The MLB team has been called upon to change their name – a Native American title – in light of the Washington soccer team change last summer and next. Cleveland Indians They change.

Barry vows the death of Hank Aaron: ‘He is a symbol, a legend and a true hero’

“There is no better time to take this action given the trend started by the Washington football team, which will soon change its name to the Cleveland Indians, and with the arrival of Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Atlanta later this year. Please change the name to honor someone and a player who can To be proud of Atlanteans and the Americans. “

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There was no indication that the name would be changed. Braves has been around for over 100 years.

“We are very proud of the name of our team, and we expect to always be the Atlanta Brave,” Braves president Terry McGuire told Atlanta Journal-Constitution in December.

“I’d like to say unequivocally that the name Atlanta Braves will still be Atlanta Braves. We got to the job as a result … a lot of listening to our fans, to the Native American community. We’ve spent the past six months trying to make sure we’re all rooted in all of What we’re saying going forward, so I’ll answer the question once again: Yes, we’ll be Atlanta the Braves.

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The brave said that over the summer they will consider distancing themselves from the use of the “chop tomahawk” movement and the chant used by spectators when the fans are allowed back to their stadium.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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