Ted Cruz vs. Seth Rogen: Texas Senator and Republican Representative Takes Pictures on Twitter

(KXAN) – A feud broke out early on a Sunday morning when the actor was Seth Rogen has taken to Twitter To give one sentence to Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz: “Whoever made this movie will hate you.”

The beef started when Cruz replied to A. Tweet from MGM Studios Asks , What was the first movie you watched in theaters? Cruz replied that the first movie he had seen in theater was a revival of the 1940 Disney animated film Fantasia.

“You scared me; I cried – I was four years old, and my mom had to take me out” Cruz tweeted. “happy times.”

The answer, apparently, angered Rogen, who is best known for his roles in comedies like “Knocked Up” and “Superbad”.

“Whoever made this movie will hate you,” Rogin responded.

Rogen’s response garnered more than 38,000 likes and cruises in the end Answered, saying: “They are all dead. So I think we’re good. Walt Disney was a Republican. Even though you act online like a Marxist with a Tourette (screaming” FU! FU! “Really smart), your movies are usually pretty funny. I’m sure you are You hate that I enjoy it. “

Rogin quickly applauded When Cruz responds – and the mockery of Tourette’s syndrome:

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“As someone who has Tourette’s syndrome in his family (and who also has a very mild case himself), I am glad once again to tell you to go by yourself. (Also very few cases of TS appearing in uncontrollable insults. Most cases, like mine, appear In acupuncture.)

Not done yet, Rogen replied to his private tweet, Adding: “You’re also a fascist. Shut up and walk away.”

After that, Rogin launched a new tweet, He simply says: “Jokes aside, tedcruz is a fascist piece of s–“

This prompted a response from Cruz, who replied:

“All jokes aside, Sethrogen is a fool. It’s your party that believes in governmental power: shut down your business, suppress your faith and censor your speech. Anyone who disagrees, tries to annul. BTW, a lot of people in Hollywood are conservative – and suppressed by the fascist left.” .

Cruz didn’t seem to admit to using Torit as an insult, though it didn’t just attract Rogen’s anger.

Many in Cruise’s responses referred to the poor and offensive use of referring to TS as an insult.

“This ain’t the ’90s, Tourette isn’t a punch anymore,” One user wrote.

Why make fun of people with special needs with Tourette syndrome? “ Member of the Lincoln Project Committee David Wiseman Requested.

Another user replied: “Making fun of a nerve-wracking condition that millions of people spend their entire lives treating … is just right for you, Ted.”

KXAN contacted Senator Cruz’s office for comment.

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