Signage indicates that aircraft are leasing Robert Saleh

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With 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Fit get Second interview With Gates as their coaching vacant, Saleh now appears to be the favorite.

As Chris Sims said during Wednesday PFT LiveThe talk in training circles is that planes are moving toward hiring Saleh.

Saleh proved to be a great coach, but his hiring by the aircraft would come with an important caveat. Aircraft need to upgrade quarterback Sam Darnold, Who lagged well behind three of his peers in the first round of 2018: Baker Mayfield (Taken before Darnold), Josh Allen (Taken after Darnold), and Lamar Jackson (Taken well after Darnold).

All three of them will be playing this weekend. So if the Jets get a defensive coach hires an offensive coordinator who makes Darnold reach the final eight in 2021 or 2022, then what? The offensive coordinator gets a job as head coach elsewhere, most likely.

So, with Jets and Saleh apparently heading toward a potential deal, both sides need a plan for a best-case worst-case scenario: get things going so well that anyone with the most Darnold gets a head coach position in place else.

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