Physicist from Harvard University: A “dangerous possibility” spacecraft that visited the solar system

(NEXTAR) – In a new interview, Harvard physicist Avi Loeb said there is a “dangerous possibility” that an interstellar object that has passed through Earth’s solar system could be an alien spacecraft.

Scientists who discovered the object in 2017 named the mysterious entity Oumuamua. The scientific consensus determined that “Oumuamua is of natural origin, but Loeb disagrees. In his new book, Extraterrestrial: The First Signal of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth,” he argues that the mysterious interstellar object was likely analogous to a light sail – the way spacecraft propulsion – created by Aliens.

In a new interview with salonLoeb defended his hypothesis, asserting that “Oumuamua” may have been artificial, and certainly not us. “

He said, “I would say, looking at everything we know, I would give a high probability that it could have been made artificially.”

The problem is, the only way to know the origins of Oumuamua specifically is by taking a photo of it, but the thing is really very far away.

“So we missed the opportunity,” he said. “It’s like having a guest at dinner, when you realize it’s strange, he’s already out through the front door into the dark street. This was the first guest, and we should look for more.”

Loeb continues to emphasize the importance of not being content with one’s glories.

“The way to make progress is not to stick to your perceptions and maintain the bias,” he said. “… It is like stepping on a lawn and saying,” Look, it doesn’t grow. Science isn’t about that, science is about finding the truth. “

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