No one deserves more than Corey Linsley

Dominic is from Chesapeake, Virginia

Guys, how much noise can 6000 fans make in a Lambo? Do you think this might be enough to derail the opposing team’s attack? Regardless, I hope that will be enough to bring extra energy to the team.

I know how it felt at Lambo Stadium without fans for the past four months. I think 6000 would look like 60,000 compared to that, especially after a big play.

Geoffrey of Sioux Falls, sd

Since UDFA appears to be one of the most recent topics of discussion, who do Spoff and Wes think are the 10 best UDFAs ever for Packers?

I’m not going to lie … I’m ready for the weekend, Jeff, so we’ll limit the time I’m covering the Packers (2012-present) full-time: Tramon Williams, Ryan Grant, Sam Shields, John Kuhn, Lyn Taylor, Robert Tonian, Ellen Lazard and Evan Smith, Jarrett Bush, and Barnes.

With Krys Barnes an uncut novice, does he have a one-year contract? Is there a risk that he will be a Free Agent at the end of the season?

The unoccupied rookies are still under the control of the team they have fallen with for three years. UDFA can only sign with a team of his choosing if he is released and cleared waivers, B) signs the offer sheet as a free agent tied after three NFL seasons or C) becomes a Veteran (four years is due)

Daphne doesn’t just pack a punch – He enjoys packing a punch. This mindset can keep a free agent who is not polished in the league for a very long time.

Stephen from Silver Spring, MD

At Daphne, we have another QB member who has moved to TE as a professional. Are there enough cases now to name this trend? Find a QB athlete who is not good enough to be a professional QB player and transfer him with your coaching team?

I want to clarify something about this – Daphne was not a midfielder. He was a recipient who interfered as Wildcat QB with injuries during the final month of his senior year in Indiana. However, Green Bay did a great job of finding players who might have missed out or been recruited at the college level and developed them.

The full interview I posted with Dominic Daphne just made me smile. Young man had a straight head and loved football. How these questions and answers shocked you?

It was one of the most fun Zoom calls we’ve had throughout the season. I know I get a lot of criticism for promoting stories of “vulnerable people”, but one of the reasons I enjoy these stories more is because you deal with ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary things. As Rodgers said earlier this week, that’s the beauty of this game.

Now that the regular season is over, what effect does the lack of pre-season matches have on the Packers? Except for defense, I don’t see a negative impact.

*It reinforces why Rodgers and the veterans don’t need to play in the pre-season. At the same time, I think it would have benefited Tim Boyle, Jordan Love and all the young guys in the bubble a lot to get that work. *

good morning! I feel we should all hope for Washington to beat Tampa Bay. That way we’re playing (the worst record) and New Orleans and Seattle have to get rid of it, resulting in the Bears and Rams losing. What do you think?

Hi Wes! I’m an old reader who goes back to the Ask Vic days, and I love the way you and Mike complete your inbox! I read it almost every day. The other major media outlet for the Packers I am following is Tom Grossi’s YouTube channel. It was great to see two of my favorite team. Make my day okay! How long have you known about Tom, and have you seen his videos on NFC / AFC East? It is pure gold. Hope you find his hat and see you and Tom make another podcast soon!

I really enjoyed it while doing Tom’s Packast. It was one of my favorite interviews of all time. I’ve probably known about his videos for the past couple of years, to my estimation. He has an infectious personality that makes the show so much fun. Now, I just need to find him on that hat.

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