More than $ 5 billion in U.S. Small Business Relief Loans were approved in its first week – The Small Business Agency

United State Small Business Administration It said Tuesday it approved more than $ 5 billion in relief loans to small businesses in the first week since the payroll protection program reopened as part of a new round of federal funding.

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The Small Business Administration said in a statement that loans, which turn into grants if borrowers follow guidelines including using money primarily to cover salaries, have gone to 60,000 companies through 3,000 lenders.

In the last round of PPP loans in April, the agency approved more than $ 52 billion to 475,000 borrowers in the first day and a half.

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The slower pace this time was partly by design: borrowing this first week was limited to lenders specializing in disadvantaged communities, including minority-owned businesses, women, veterans, and small lenders.

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As of Tuesday, the program – funded by $ 284 billion in December’s pandemic relief package of $ 892 billion – is open to all lenders.

(Prepared by Pete Schroeder in Washington, edited by Franklin Ball and Matthew Lewis)

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