Midnight Obsession! Michael Keisa Colby calls Covington “the hardest fight”

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Michael Kiesa gave an amazing show in his second place to the main event early in the day, Choking Neil Magne for the majority of five rounds. The “maverick” was really dominating that carpet as his wrestling skill increased his winning streak to four, putting him in a very strong position at 170 lbs.

Kiza seized the opportunity to summon former interim champ Colby Covington into the cage. At the press conference following the battle, Keiza explained why he chose “Chaos,” and his answer was interesting.

“It’s the hardest match for me,” said Keiza. MMAJunkie). “Stylistically, this guy should hit me any Sunday. Physically, from a mental warfare standpoint, there aren’t a lot of boxes you can check that favor me in that fight. But how can I say I want to be a hero if I didn’t want to fight the best players? Sometimes the best players are the hardest for you in style.

“So when I look at the top five, I think that’s the toughest fight for me, so we’ll see what happens. If I find shortcomings, I’ll cut it short. But I want to be the best, so I have to fight the best. This is the man, and though I want to I’m getting the year I was supposed to have last year, it just seemed appropriate to call the same guy, so we’ll see how everything changes. “

It’s definitely a bold style from Chiesa, who will likely struggle to lure Covington into the mat on his terms. However, winning is likely to earn him a chance to win the championship, so the reward is definitely on the risk side.

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at the moment, UFC intends to face Covington against former friend / current foe Jorge Masvidal. He’s struggled with this fight in the past, however, and Chiesa might get his wish.


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Midnight Music: I spent my time writing today listening to Spotify songs An essential folk Playlist, so here’s a track from the mix.

Sleep well crazy! More martial arts craze is always on the way.

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