Microsoft Teams gets a new dynamic rendering feature in March

Microsoft is updating its Teams service with a new dynamic view in March. This new view allows Teams users to share content alongside participants. It looks ideal for meetings where someone is presenting a slide group or if the participants are watching a live event together.

Dynamic content such as earnings reports, slide decks, or videos can be viewed alongside other speakers. Currently in Teams, video feeds for other participants are very small when people share a screen or view floors. Microsoft’s “Gallery View for Teams” view will automatically improve itself with this new view and allow participants to customize the view.

It will also highlight more clearly the active speakers, people who have actually raised their hands, and allow participants to pin people down alongside dynamic content. It was originally unveiled along the way Back in July, This new dynamic offering will be available to all Microsoft Teams users in March, according to Microsoft 365 product roadmap.

The use of Microsoft Teams has surged over the past 10 months of the pandemic, as the service is now used by more than one 115 million people a day. Microsoft is adding features to Teams on a monthly basis, with Virtual break rooms They appear in December alongside Improving communication experience.

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