Live updates: Southern California is planning stay-at-home requests after the vacation

Southern California health officials are likely to determine that areas in the region will continue to enforce stay-at-home orders after the weekend, according to a report.

Los Angeles Times mentioned The current ICU capacity in the Southern California and San Joaquin Valley regions is at zero. The report said orders will remain until more than 15% are available.

Meanwhile in Europe, the doctorsNurses and seniors roll up their sleeves to receive the first doses of Vaccine Sunday is a symbolic display of unity and a moment of hope for a continent facing its worst healthcare crisis in a century.

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quick Facts

    Fauci claims herd immunity numbers have been “guests,” settling at 75-80%

    There have been 19.2 million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States and 333,000 deaths

“Today I am here as a citizen, but most of all, I am a nurse, to represent my class and all the health workers who choose to believe in science,” said Claudia Ivernini, 29, the first person to be vaccinated in Spallanzani. Infectious Diseases Hospital, Rome. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz described the vaccine, which was developed in record time, as “a game changer”.

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