Kevin Stefansky on Richard Higgins’ confusion: “Our rule is not to get to the ball.”

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The worst rule in football appeared Sunday in Kansas City, where the Browns canceled in a play that looked like it would be a relegation for Cleveland but ended up being a throwback for the Chiefs.

After the match, Brown’s coach Kevin Stefansky was asked about the play.

“I will never doubt Richard Higgins“The effort or efforts of our men,” Stefansky told reporters after the match. “Our rule is there is not to hit the ball when it is the first and the goal, and he knows it. Again, [I] We appreciate his efforts. He fought as he always does, but we have to fight this impulse because it’s a huge loss if it ends up being a throwback touch. “

Stephansky is right. Browns’ home rule is accurate, given the inconsequential NFL rule that would have given Cleveland a possession in the stumbling block if it went out of bounds at the one-inch line, but that gave the leaders 20 possession on their own because the ball entered and exited the finish zone.

The rule’s biggest problem is this: it’s potentiating. Yes, there is a possibility that the defense will falter in the end zone. If so, then the defense must get the ball. If it is not recovered before it is out of play, the rule should not differ from whether the ball is out of bounds at 100 yards of green.

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