Jennifer Lopez shuts down Instagram due to Botox comments

Jennifer Lopez says her glow is totally natural.

The 51-year-old has denied having plastic surgery or botox multiple times before and recently shut down an Instagram commenter who accused her of lying.

“But can I just mention that the eyebrows and forehead don’t move at all when you talk or try to express … You definitely have Botox. Tons of it. And everything is fine. Just saying, ‘The guy commented on a video of the singer trying it on … JLo Beauty That Limitless Glow Face Mask ($ 48 for three).

“Hahaha, that’s just my face !!!” Lopez responded. “For the 500 millionth time … I have never done Botox or any injection or surgery !! Just saying.”

“Get some JLO Beauty and feel the beauty of your skin !! Here’s another JLO beauty secret: Try to spend your time being more positive, kind and energetic with others,” said J Lu. “Don’t waste your time trying to belittle others this will keep you young and beautiful too !!! Send love. #Beautyfromtheinsideout #beautyhasnoexpirationdate.”

Jennifer Lopez defends herself against the commenter who doesn't think she's never been given Botox before.
Jennifer Lopez defends herself against the commenter who doesn’t think she’s never been given Botox before.Instagram

The botox topic appears to be touchy with Lopez, who recently revealed that her ex-boyfriend encouraged her to give it a try when she was only 23 years old.

“I didn’t like the needles anyway, but the boyfriend is like, ‘Yeah, you gotta start. I do that. I was like, “No, thank you,” Lopez remember. “And I just wonder what would have happened to me if I were to start Botox at 23, what would I look like now. My face will be a completely different face today.”

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Instead of resorting to a procedure, Lopez credits olive oil and sunscreen as key factors for her lasting beauty.

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