Gina Carano addresses the “Mandalorians” reaction

The Mandalorian Superstar Gina Carano took up the backlash against her on social media after a number of controversial tweets.

The actress who plays Cara Dion in Disney + star Wars A series that recently sparked controversy after posting anti-mask tweets and unfounded allegations of voter fraud, and faced accusations ‘Making fun of transgender people’.

This led to some Calling to expel her from The MandalorianAnd, although she did not directly address the calls in a new interview, Carano said she was “bringing fire to the people.”

“I’ll keep going, and if my presence bothers you, well, but also a lot of people are not bothered by my presence on Twitter or my presence on social media. So, I’m focusing more on these people,” she told Drunk 3PO on YouTube. “I put people on fire. I’m not sure why.”

In another Mandurian The news, Mark Hamill recently spoke about his digital surprise at the conclusion of the second season, describing him as one of the ‘The greatest gifts’.

In the season’s final scene, the younger Luke Skywalker appears to rescue the show’s heroes from Moff Gideon’s forces, thus taking Grogu to train.

Hamill wrote on Twitter: “Sometimes the greatest gifts are unexpected and something you didn’t realize you wanted until they were given.”

After sharing a video about the fans’ reaction, he added, “#NoWords- Seeing fan reactions on Luke’s return is something I’ll forever cherish. Expect them to see X-Wing / Ep. 6 Robes / Light Sword / Green Light Sword / Hand Dressed / Uncovered hand / Throttle force / R2 – it was just too heavy-duty for me. ”

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Write about The Mandalorian the second season , NMEPaul Bradford saidThis is how you end a series. After 16 episodes of twists, turns and piles, The Mandalorian Finally it brings everything together in a great satisfying confrontation – giving us one ending and dozens of new beginnings in one. ”

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