Fortnite may see a major map change according to an Epic Games leak

It looks like Epic Games has a big change in store for It is an electronic game In the pipeline, where a recent leak hinted that something big was happening at the Colosseum site. The game has not received any major updates over the past few weeks due to the holiday season, but it does make regular adjustments It is an electronic game We have to start now a week in 2021. That could mean a major change to the map, which means that a special event could be underway as Epic Games plans for the upcoming sixth season.

As for the infusion, it comes in a prominent way It is an electronic game The leak and data, “Mang0e”, which recently moved to Twitter to reveal the addition of a new coliseum variant in a recent update not currently in the game. More specifically, they discovered files and origins that indicate that the Colosseum is about to fill with water.

Now, this could indicate a larger event that includes some kind of flooding, or it could be a more isolated change. As the dataminer points out, the Romans would occasionally fill the Colosseum with water for huge ship battles. And as you can see in the leaked image below, there is a ship, as well as lots of docks for players to stand on.

For now, take it all here with a grain of salt. There is nothing official here, but data leaks can be misleading, and of course everything is always subject to change in video game development. With It is an electronic game Specifically, we’ve seen Epic Games add a lot to game files that don’t fall into the actual game itself.

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Speaking of Epic Games, at the time of publication, it has not commented on this leak in any capacity and it is very unlikely that this will change, but if it does, you will be able to read about it here.

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