Andy Cohen rips up Mayor Bill de Blasio while drunk

Andy Cohen rang in the new year on CNN by throwing some harsh words at Mayor Bill de Blasio as the ball landed in Times Square.

Host, bravo – who was joining the news network Anderson Cooper in Times Square on CNN Cover the holiday – He had just taken a shot of tequila on air when he gave de Blasio a sinister hit of the tongue deserving of his special “Real Housewives” encounter.

“Do something with this city!” Cohen rushed to the camera shortly after CNN broadcast some footage of De Blasio dancing with his wife Cherlyn McCray in Times Square.

“Honestly, get it together!” 52-year-old student.

Cohen brought up de Blasio’s topic after Cooper, who does not drink regularly, took a dose of tequila and began to retreat.

Andy Cohen Bell de Blasio
Andy Cohen Bell de Blasio
Getty Images Charles Winselberg / New York Post

He said, “This is how I felt when I saw Mayor de Blasio dance now.” “You don’t need to see this at the start of 2021.”

After the comments, Cohen, who lives in the West Village, said he would “tiptoe back to Bravo in about 20 minutes” but had “some other things” he wanted to say while he had the “stage.”

“You’re that guy in the bar,” said Cooper, placing his hand on Cohen’s shoulder and trying to restrain the co-host.

A spokesperson for De Blasio Ignore the insult to Fox News.

“It’s not the first time that I’ve heard a drunk person complain about someone’s dance moves,” one representative told the outlet.

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