AMD will allow consumers to purchase Threadripper Pro directly

If you yearn for the power of Threadripper Pro, however Didn’t want to buy ThinkStationYou’re in luck: Starting in March, AMD will start selling CPUs directly to consumers, ending Lenovo’s exclusive access to the processor line.

While the Vanilla Threadripper seems to be the pinnacle of computing power to many (myself included), There are some benefits that the Pro line offers This will be very useful for those who need it:

  • The memory channels are doubled, from four to eight
  • PCI-E lanes are doubled, from 64 to 128
  • Memory capacity expanded from 256 GB to 2 TB (!!!)

To sum up these enormous numbers in a more realistic way, Threadripper Pro allows users to work with larger data sets due to the expanded memory capacity. It also allows for double the expansion for users who need a lot of graphics or network cards.

Of course, all of these features mean nothing without motherboards that can support them – after all, what’s the point of 128 PCI-E lanes if a motherboard only has 4 PCI-E 16x slots? this is Anand Tech Article He points to three mainboards that should come to support CPUs, but we’re not likely to see the same amount of versatility and choice that we make with consumer motherboards.

There isn’t any pricing info yet, but Threadripper CPUs aren’t exactly cheap. However, if you need the capabilities of this type of CPU, you are likely making some money with it (hence the name “pro”), and this chipset offers some features, such as 64 threads and PCI-E gen 4, for the workstation. Users that Intel simply does not provide outside of its server products.

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