Al-Hazm players seize their stadium advantage and return to the qualifiers

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The road to NFC’s Super Bowl passes through Green Bay.

The Packers clinched the home stadium advantage throughout the NFC playoffs with their victory today in Chicago. The win gives the Packers a 13-3 season record, and is the best in the conference. They will have a playoff match in the first round and then host their first post-season match on either January 16 or January 17.

It was a great game from the Packers midfielder Aaron Rodgers, Who may have finished the league’s best player award. Rodgers delivered three passes without interceptions, and although he did throw some passes in the second half that would otherwise have been captured, he was precise and in control of the attack.

Quarterback bears Mitchell Trubsky He didn’t play well, although he was precise while delivering most of the short passes in Matt Nagy’s conservative play plan. Unfortunately, as soon as the Bears trailed behind by two goals in late fourth quarter, Tropeschi shot a shot into the field that was intercepted. Trubisky didn’t do enough to win, but he was far from the biggest reason the bears lost. The Bears’ real problem was that their defense had no game plan to stop Rodgers.

Fortunately for the bears, the Rams overpowered the Cardinals. That means the Bears will be competing as the final NFC Wildcard Team, and will be on the road against the Saints in the Qualifiers next weekend. And if the bears manage to hold back, they will be at Green Bay next week.

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