AA Hola Chica Lyrical: Foot tapping number

January 03, 2021

It is Belamconda Srinivas’ birthday today and the music festival begins for the special occasion of his film, Udo Adhorse. Now released a lyrical video for her first single, Hola Chica. The melody recorded by Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad is a foot-tapping tune and instantly makes you swing over the song. The neat visuals captured in some strange locations and also in huge batches make this even more special.

Jaspreet Jasz’s vocals are lively while Shreemani’s lyrics are catchy. What attracts everyone’s attention is Belamkunda Srinivas’ varied looks, including that of a cowboy. Nabih Neshat also sounds glamorous in the song. Belamkunda’s elegant dances are the song’s other major attraction. Hola Chica will hit you the most the moment you listen to it multiple times.

Alludu Adhurs will have a total of five songs. The producers will release other songs one after the other on a regular basis to excite movie buffs prior to theatrical release. Santhosh Srinivas directs the film while Tagore Madhu is producing it. The film is scheduled to release on January 15th.

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