Why did the Knicks take another smart move by hiring veteran Taj Gibson?

The New York Knicks got off to a hot start and their last move to sign a big man Gibson’s crown Another clever decision is from Leon Rose.

Born and raised nearby in Brooklyn, Gibson is a well-respected veterinarian who played for the Knicks last season. So the core members of the franchise are like RJ Barrett And the Mitchell Robinson They already know Gibson, and he’s a trusted, familiar face to these players.

Most importantly, Gibson has many years of experience playing under the Knicks coach Tom Thibodo – Including stretches from 2010 through 2015 at the Chicago Bulls and 2017 through 2017 at the Minnesota Timber Wolves.

For a team full of young players, a long-time “Thibs guy” like Gibson can lend a helping hand as a locker room interpreter for the famous intense coach. He can also serve as an extension of the coach when he’s on the ground considering the experience he brings in knowing the philosophies and rhythms of a Thibodeau style team.

After injuries Obi Tobin And the Nerlance Noel, Knicks had an incredibly thin front court. In reaction, big man Julius Randall Currently League leader in minutes per match He played more than 60% of the possible minutes for New York. Thibodeau is known for his players’ fatigue who spent a lot of time playing and Gibson could offer some relief to Randall as the season progresses.

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Realistically speaking, even though the vet might not bring much long-term value to the list with his play, you still know what to expect when Gibson is on the court. Teibodo will never have to train or teach Gibson new skills and he will never have to worry about his development.

Since joining the league, he has achieved perseverance regardless of where he played. Gibson is a tough-nosed glass cleaner whose teams have always had a better offensive recovery rate while on the court. This helps give his team-mates a second chance after missed field goals.

Some fans may have concerns about its possible release Omri Spellman, Who did not play a game for the franchise but was selected for the first round only two years ago. But the fact of the matter is, Nicks never added Spielman due to what they expected of him as a player.

Looking back, during the vacation, the Knicks used their cover space to get in Ed Davis. The appeal of the move wasn’t playing with Davis, but rather the two future options in the second round that he sent were Jazz to cancel his contract.

She then flipped New York Davis to the Minnesota Timberwolves versus Spielman W. Jacob Evans. Again, however, the move was mainly inspired by asset collection to add another second factor in the future that Minnesota had included in the deal. Evans, who was also a first round pick in 2018, was relinquished before the season began.

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Perhaps it was surprising that Knicks did not re-sign Gibson during the recess, especially given Teibudo’s appointment to captain the team. But if he’s on the list all the time, they probably didn’t have the space of a menu to get Davis, Spelman, and Evans – who compiled three futuristic draft picks in their front office

If they had just re-signed Gibson outright during the holiday period, they would have had three fewer assets in their kit. By the wait, they still have Gibson on their list as the veteran presence of this sexy and somewhat young band.

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