Watch Meryl Streep in Stephen Colbert’s action films

Watch Stephen Colbert Managing his “Colbert Grill” is a brustian Meryl Streep Like watching a beautiful, singing duel match between two people, uh, a duel at the height of the duel … their abilities. Colbert triggers questions aimed at revealing the deepest and most accurate self of his subject, and Streep treats each answer as a performance. “Favorite sandwich?” Pastrami, and oh, how do you light up when you say it. “The most terrifying animal?” Allow Meryl Streep to educate you about the black widow spider nest, which is “similar to coronavirus, but white.” It even has an immediate answer to what you think happens when we die, which is a combination of being reunited with our loved ones and coming back down to earth to stalk people in a gentle manner. But Meryl is comically and dramatically silent when she asks Colbert about her favorite movie. Streep’s eyes widened, her head tilted to the side, her face writhing from the face of a thinker to a sneaky smile, saying, “There is a confusion for me.” He made Colbert Streep admit through facial gestures alone that she wasn’t a fan of the action. It is a shame, because we consider her work on the stage Ricky and the Flash One of the best physical motion shows out there.

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