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Hollywood celebrity Jason Siegel, who was Seen while filming in Eureka Not before four months, Humboldt County gave a brief shout out about “late show” with Stephen Colbert yesterday.

While promoting another movie other than Humboldt (drilling!), Segel mentions what he was like during the pandemic (1:40).

“There was a lull in the middle where maybe things were calming down and I went and filmed in Humboldt County, Northern California, in the Red Forest,” Colbert said. “She was very, very beautiful.”

This movie, adapted from the 2010 youth novel Heaven is everywhereAnd the Still in post production, According to IMDB. So maybe Segel will talk more about Humboldt as the movie’s release date approaches.

Later in the interview, though, Colbert brings up the redwoods again and asks Segel about Humboldt’s Sasquatchies. (2:48)

“There’s an entire city devoted to that, by the way, there,” Siegel says, likely referring to Willow Creek. “Sasquatch is there, they say.”

Colbert responded by referring to the Sasquatch report he prepared for the Daily Show in 1999. But it was filmed in King County, Washington. Nowhere near Humboldt, Stephen.

Watch the entire interview in the video included at the top of this story.


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