Undergraduate contestant Serena Pitt seems to be very outspoken with Matt James

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As fans slowly get to know Contestants in Matt James BA seasonThere are a few who are starting out as the best early candidates. One of them is Serena Pete, who seemed to be related to Matt the first time they met.

Serena hasn’t got much screen time yet (look at you, Queen Victoria), But its moment is coming. Here’s what you need to know about the reality TV star:

Serena is one of the youngest contestants this season.

Yes, she feels 22 years old – making her the second youngest woman to ever compete for Matt’s heart at 28 years old. (The youngest contestant is actually Kate Kennan, Also known as fashion designer Cynthia Rowley’s daughter).

Her job after graduation … interesting.

Serena works as a publicist in Toronto, according to her official BA Personal Biography. But according to her LinkedIn profile, Serena is actually a trainee at advertising company MacIntyre Communications, based in Toronto, and has been in business since August 2020. She is also serving as a brand ambassador for a company called Cotton Candy Event Staffing.

She used to be a competitive dancer.

Serena isn’t super Instagram– Or, at least, she wasn’t before the show started – but she did get a lot of posts referring to her past experience as a competitive dancer.

Serena does not sort out words and does not play games.

Host Chris Harrison He said in YouTube video The announcement of the contestants in this season from BSC That while Serena and Matt “seem to have this thing,” her frankness may be a sticking point for them. Chris said, “She always tells everyone, including Matt, where to stand, how to feel, what the outcome.” “Now does he hear Matt that? We’ll find out.”

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But she seems inexperienced in love.

She said that Serena “didn’t take long to pursue true love.” BA Pew, “But now, this logical notebook usually throws her rulebook out the window and is ready to meet the man of her dreams.” What exactly are you looking for? She wants “a guy who will have fun with her – whether they’re having beer at a low-key bar or sitting on the court at a Toronto Raptors game.”

Serena is great to travel.

Or, at least, it was pre-pandemic. Serena has plenty of Instagram shots of herself in great locations, including the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Budapest.

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