The Steelers are located on Brown, 48-37

Roethlisberger went to an 8-for-8 in an eight-game trip, 84 yards, including a 17-yard touch pass to the tight end of Eric Ebron. A two-point diversion attempt failed in an incomplete pass back by James Conner, who kept the score at Brown 35, Steelers 16, with 7:22 remaining in the third quarter.

The Steelers ‘next possession covered 68 yards in 12 plays in 3:25 and ended with a touchdown pass from Roethlisberger to wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster in fourth place and goal from Browns’ 5-yard streak. Kicker Chris Boswell’s extra point put the Steelers back in 11 at 35-23 with a 2:57 left in third.

Brown responded to their next possession with a screen from Mayfield back Nick Chubb who went 40 yards for the landing. Barkey’s extra point gave Browns a 42-23 lead leaving 12:52 in fourth.

The Steelers responded with four games, 76 yards at 1:24, the final 29 came on Rothlesberger’s pass to Claypool for the touchdown. Roethlisberger’s incomplete throwing for Smith Shuster in a two-point attempt kept Brown’s lead at 13 at 42-29 with 11:08 left in fourth.

Cleveland added a 24-yard field goal by Parkey with 4:28 left to get a 45-29 pad.

Brown had possession of the ball for 5:20 in the first quarter, scoring 28 points.

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