The 21 most anticipated indie games of 2021

There was a lot of Indie games weird and awesome To look forward to in 2020, and I am happy to report that there is much more to follow in 2021.

Searching for these upcoming games was exciting. There are so many fun, weird and wonderful games that we look forward to in the new year. All of the games on this list are due to be released in 2021, each with the same ambition of achieving their goal. We have a few noir-style police thrillers, a little bit of teen anxiety, and a few hand-drawn delights.

Of course, these aren’t all of the amazing Indies to be released in 2021 – there are simply too many to list. We’ll continue our coverage of indie games to play in 2021, and I’d love to share the games you’re looking for in the comments below.

Raptor’s Friend: A High School Love Story

From developer Rocket Adrift, Raptor’s Friend: A High School Love Story It is about a shy and confused teenager searching for love in the 1990s. It’s a dating simulation and visual novel, in which players – as the main character Stella – make friends with a group of cryptic teens: a fairy, Talking Velociraptor, and an old man. Touted as a teenage drama from the 1990s, it looks like it is; It contains everything from dramatic phone calls, work sessions, and cassette tapes. The art style looks amazing too.

Raptor’s Friend: A High School Love Story In early 2021.


Saturnalia It is an elegant survival horror game coming to the Epic Games Store in 2021. The game takes place in Sardinia, Italy in 1989, in an ancient village with spooky rituals – and people disappear every year. What stands out the most is SaturnaliaArt style. I haven’t seen anything like it!

Saturnalia Coming to the Epic Games Store in 2021.

she Dreams in another place

She dreams somewhere elseIt, as you might have guessed, takes place within a dream. Touted as an adventure RPG, this indie game has a surreal setting – the perfect setting for a bad dream. The music, composed by Mimi Page, is perfect.

She dreams somewhere else Coming to MacAnd the Nintendo SwitchAnd the Windows Pc and X-Box Keyboards in 2021.

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Bye a high volcano

Canadian developer KO_OP is working on Volcano hight byeA narrative game about a group of high school-age dinosaurs exploring life as graduation approaches. It is described as a cinematic game “about the end of an era and the beginning of a love story”.

Bye a high volcano Coming to my Windows PC, Playstation 4And and PlayStation 5 In 2021.


season, From developer Scavengers Studio, was recently announced during The Game Awards 2020, and was one of the premium games at the event. The game feels pretty atmospheric, showing a woman collecting memories of a wonderful and mysterious world.

season In 2021.


Nuts It is a game about watching squirrels. He has a very distinct artistic style – he looks amazing. While watching these squirrels, the player will reveal the “secret of hiding curious creatures”. Me personally Extremely Joy.

Nuts It will be released in 2021 on Windows PC.

Turnip boy commits tax evasion

The name says it all – Turnip boy commits tax evasion. There are puzzles, crops and battles, but most of all, there are no taxes. According to the Steam page, “Take down the corrupt vegetable government.” Who among us does not drop that?

Turnip boy commits tax evasion In 2021, on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

Chinese Detective Agency

Sure, we have a massive online video game at the end of 2020. But there is more to the genre, and you can see that at Chinese Detective Agency. It takes place in the year 2032 in elegant and futuristic Singapore. Created by Singapore-based developer General Interactive, it looks like an interesting future.

Like the others on this list, It is coming in 2021.


From developer Visai Games, Vinpa It is described as a “fictional cooking game” that takes place in Canada in the 1980s. It focuses on an Indian mom, with two players tasked with cooking and remembering lost recipes. Writing on Steam, the developer is a story about “Family, Love, Loss, and More”. It looks incredible.

It will be released in November 2021.

Skate Bird

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 It stopped me for a while, but the ski game me really Looking forward to it Skate BirdFrom the developer Glass Bottom Games. Birds on skateboards! Birds! On! skate board!

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You can now place a list of the game on Steam, But it also comes for Nintendo Switch and other consoles.


Colorful world 30XXIt looks fast-paced and powerful, And the It contains a great soundtrack. It looks very much like Mega Man X, But according to the developer, it has “potential for modern Roguelike replay”. Collaboration is also available. If you liked 20XXYou will love this game too.

You can add it to your wishlist on Steam.


I was impressed Mundown Visuals since it was announced. The game is drawn in pencil and tells a horror story “set in a secluded, dark valley of the Alps.” Sure, the aesthetic is enough to attract people, but the story and gameplay make this game a worthy game.

From developer Hidden Fields, Mundown Available for Wishlist on Steam.

General: change

Another cyberpunk style game, General: change It comes from ThinkingStars and the publisher of Lightning Games. It has a really cool stylistic style – mix of 2D and 3D graphics.

Wish list General: change On Steam.

The era of chaos

From developer BOBBY, The era of chaos Looks very stylish – black and white interstellar strategy game. “He played the role of a very advanced artificial intelligence system designed by one of the greatest human giants (and now extinct),” the developer said. “The last escape ship from Earth on Earth in a new world and rebuilding human civilization from the ground up.”

It is coming for Apple iOS devices.

Hotpot for one person

When it is safe to do so my first restaurant I will visit is at my local hotspot. Instead, I’m taking the hot pot with my home partner, and look forward to trying the virtual version of it when Hotpot for one person Comes out next year.

It is coming to Windows PC.


There are a lot of police noir games to be released in 2021, however Backbones Standing outside. From developer EggNut and published by Raw Fury, Backbones Do you play the role of a special raccoon eye named Howard Lotore. The pixel art style is great, and I can’t wait to try this neat point-and-click adventure game.

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Check it out on Steam.


I played Form Is in PAX East in 2020, and we are eagerly waiting for its release date. The game made its debut in 2011 at the Game Developers Conference, and its innovative design was an instant success. Finally, it is a complete game, based on an interesting and innovative puzzle style.

Form Coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.

The Book of Travels

Developer describes Might and Delight The Book of Travels As a “unique, hands-on social role-playing experience.” Set in a fairytale open world of exploration – “there is no overall goal, no true beginning or end” – as the player creates their own journey.

I’m just curious to see how the multiplayer elements work When it comes to Windows PCs in 2021.


If there is one way to describe Dordogne, I’ll go with an astonishing. The game features a cool watercolor style that instantly attracted me. According to the Steam page, the narrative adventure game lets the player engage in “childhood memories”. It is set in the present and the past, but each of these worlds looks equally wonderful.

It’s coming to Windows PC in 2021. Steam Wishlist.


cup Cup stars, very shy frog. A whimsical world full of other animals that you can encounter and lots of puzzles to solve. It has great aesthetics, and it features a useful journey to find herbs to make tea.

Find more information about Steam.


Another beautiful hand-drawn game, Toonch It is a Roguelike hack and slash game across the Amazon jungle. It has a 4-player co-op mode, and it feels like a lot of fun. LEAP Game Studios developer wrote on Steam: “Choose one of the five characters, master their ultimate skills and abilities to defeat epic bosses, and uncover the secrets of the mysterious Amazon jungle.” “The game is centered around high-stakes combat and bonuses, and has a ‘neat’ rating system.”

The game is coming to consoles and Windows computers in March.

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