Sylvain Sylvain, guitarist from New York Dolls, dead at age 69

Sylvain SylvainPunk symbol and guitarist for New York Dolls Whose countryside bridged the gap between punk and cheerful, on Wednesday. He was 69 years old. The musician, who also contributed to playing the piano and writing songs on the lead band’s first two albums, He was fighting cancer.

His wife, Wanda O’Kelly Mizrahi, wrote: “As most of you know, Sylvan has battled cancer over the past two and a half years.” Declaration On his Facebook page. “Although he fought it valiantly, he passed away yesterday from this disease. While we mourn his loss, we know that he is finally at peace and out of pain. Please play his music, light a candle, pray and let us send this beautiful doll on his way.”

The group’s self-titled debut album of 1973 remains a landmark in rock music, with Rolling rock Rename it to The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time List. We wrote at the time: “The flamboyant, passionate New York Dolls snatched pieces from Chuck Berry and Fats Domino and fattened them with a lot of attitude and resonance.” Produced by Todd Rundgren, songs like ‘Personality Crises’ and ‘Bad Girl’ are dripping sleazyly and in style … It’s hard to imagine Ramones or alternatives or a thousand other bands. ”

The androgynous and innovative group has channeled its love of the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, MC5 and Stooges into strong rock songs with pop glitters, flashy clothing and makeup that would set the fashion model for a generation of kids. Manhattan and beyond.

Sylvain Mizrahi was born in Cairo, Egypt, and his family moved to France before settling in New York. He was a member of the actress’ squad that includes Arthur Kane, Johnny Thunders, and Billy Murcia before co-founding the New York Dolls The group takes its name from the New York Doll Hospital toy repair shop In 1971. While the guitarist was on the group, their first two albums – New York Dolls And 1974 Too much in a very short time – Mizrahi appeared on the piano and wrote songs.

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“It took us forever to get a record deal, to get into the business,” Mizrahi said Quietus said In 2018. “But our songs were a hit. The children knew the “personality crisis”, they knew the “trash”, and they knew all those songs before we released them. They made us stars. “

“When they came to the studio with [‘Personality Crisis’]”It was really an important song,” said album engineer Jack Douglas Sound on Sound said In 2009. “It was Seal who decided to add the piano – even then he was a very decent player. It sure gave the song an even greater advantage.” Rolling rock The “personal crisis” was put at 267 on The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

But it was their live show that earned the band its shocking reputation. The group has steadfastly built a following with regular shows at CBGBs in New York and Max’s Kansas City, leading to a sleazy and androgynous look picked up from makeshift outfits.

“In the dolls, it was a bit like Little bastards, ” Sylvan Tell Vogue In 2015. “Hey man, we’re bored! What the hell are we going to do?
Okay, let’s do a show! What did you get?’ “My mom has these weird lame pants.” “My older brother left my old motorcycle jacket that was in the locker.” “Where are you going to get the makeup?” My girlfriend’s bag! She does shopping at Biba in London every day. As soon as we started and once we started, we became dear to everything. “

While the band’s lineup changed over the years, Sylvain and singer David Johansen remained until their breakup in 1977. “His role in the band was the backbone, while maintaining the accuracy of rotating satellites for his bandmates,” Lenny Kay wrote in an accompanying letter to the band. Announcing the death of Sylvain. “Although he tried valiantly to keep the band going, Dulles’ moral tale overshadowed them in the end, not before it had an effect that would spawn many generations of rock to come.”

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Johansen: “My best friend for many years, I still remember the first time I saw him wandering around the training venue / bike shop with a carpet bag and guitar straight off the plane after he was deported from Amsterdam, I immediately liked him” He wrote on Instagram. “I’ll miss you, my old friend. I’ll keep the house fires burning. Au revoir Syl mon vieux copain.”

After the band’s breakup, Sylvain worked on several solo projects, collaborated with other artists and released criminals with Bobby Blaine, Michael Page and Tony Machine. His solo work included his debut in 1979 with the title Self, 1981 Sylvan and tears And 1998 Sleeping doll.

For years, the group has gone through its share of creative differences. But Sylvan They reunited with the New York Dolls In 2004 at the Royal Festival Hall in London, spurred on by a fanatic Morrissey. Morrissey said in 2004, “The world wasn’t ready for them. It seems like it takes 30 years for the pop world to really understand a group or artist.” When Morrissey first started planning his lineup for the Meltdown Festival, his first goal was to organize a reunion for the New York Dolls. The group would go on to tour in the mid-2000s before disbanding again.

Sylvan was part of their last three albums: 2006 One day we’d be happy to even remember this, 2009 Because I siz so And 2011 Dance backwards in high heels. He was also a member of Batusis, who released an EP in 2010, and in 2016 he performed in South by Southwest.

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“The New York Dolls heralded the future and made it easy to dance to them,” Kay said. “Since the time I saw their poster appearing for the first time on the Village Oldies wall in 1972, to advertise a stay at the Mercer Hotel up the street, during their meteoric rise and shooting of a meteor, New York Dolls were the core of what we applaud this music, the band that makes you want In forming a squad.

“Seal didn’t stop. In his lonely lifeline he’s been hailed all over the world, from England to Japan, but most of all rock dens in New York City, where I met him two years ago at Bowery Electric. Still Seal. Curls his hair,” His tireless apostasy, rejoicing at his dream, asks the crowd to sing together, and so we will. Call him the twin, the mirror, they become us. “

“The group consists of people who start out there in a basement,” Mizrahi said Quietus said In 2018. “They are tired of what life is like, and then all of a sudden, someone says, ‘Let’s put on a show! “What are we going to do for the stage curtain?” I’ll use my mom’s bed sheet. “What are we going to do for the makeup?” I’ll get that from my girlfriend’s bag. I think it’s about the performance. The performance is what all these musicians are about. In 2018, Sylvan also released his memoirs There are no bones in ice cream.

Mizrahi, who lived in Nashville, will be buried in New York, according to his wife, Wanda Rolling rock. “Thank you, Sylvain x2, for your heart, faith, and the way you strike this chord,” Kay concluded. “Sleeping baby doll.”

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