Some in the league believe Josh Allen has caught Patrick Mahomes

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On Sunday, two of the best midfielders of all time will meet at Green Bay. Next, two of the NFL’s best midfielders will meet in Kansas City.

Most will say that quarterback heads Patrick Mahomes Currently he is the best in the game. Some who know the game and who study it carefully wonder if Josh Allen Beals ever met Mahomes.

Sims and I separately listened to a rhetoric based on the amazing improvement Alan made in 2020. The point that is often made is: There is a difference when it comes to seeing Alan perform in person.

Size, speed, mobility and accuracy. Incredible speed when he throws up. Superhuman ability to run one way and throw the other.

Mahomes continues to have an indisputable talent and will remain among the best in the game as long as he plays. But Allen has reached that level as well, even 25 years old.

Allen has a chance to convince a lot of others that he caught Mahomes on Sunday. Even if the Bills lost, seeing them in the same pitch on the same day with the Super Bowl pier on the line would provide a clear comparison between two of the best midfielders in play ever.

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