Packers’ Matt LaFleur explains the decisive decision to kick the late field goal instead of on the fourth attempt

Green Bay Packers Coach Matt LaFleur came under intense scrutiny after deciding to kick a field goal just two minutes earlier to play in the NFC Championship against the team. Tampa Bay Pirates.

The two-point relegation and transfer would have linked the game. The field goal would have forced the Al Hazm players to score a touchdown if they had recovered the ball. LaFleur chose the field goal path from eight Buccaneers and narrowed Tamp Bay’s lead to five points.

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Ostensibly, the Packers only needed a defensive pause and they basically had four timeouts because the two-minute warning had yet to go off. Green Bay never stopped and it seemed like LaFleur had taken the ball off Aaron RodgersHand with a risky movement did not pay off in the end.

LaFleur tried to explain the move after the match, according to the team’s location.

“I was looking at we had four deadlines with a two-minute warning,” he said, adding that the probability of a two-point transfer was a factor in the decision.

Aaron Rodgers’ future with packs determined after losing his recent NFC Championship

“Anytime something doesn’t work, do you regret it? Of course.”

Rodgers also made it clear that it wasn’t his decision.

“It wasn’t my decision,” Rodgers said. “I understand thinking more than two minutes with all the deadlines, but that wasn’t my decision.”

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The Packers lost the NFC Championship for the second consecutive season. Rodgers’ future as the Green Bay midfielder is also murky even though he appears to be the best for MVP.

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