His wife confirmed that hip-hop legend MF Doom had died at the age of 49

His wife named DOOM “the greatest husband, father, teacher, student, business partner, lover and friend.”

The death of the famous metal-faced villain was confirmed yesterday by his wife.

MF DOOM He was 49.

In this June 2005 photo, rapper MF DOOM performs at the Rhino Foundation Benefit Concert at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park in New York City. His wife announced on Instagram that the MC had passed away in October. (Photo by Peter Kramer / Getty Images)

In a statement sent to MF DOOM Instagram the page Yasmine Dameel call Daniel Demel “The greatest husband, father, teacher, student, business partner, lover, and friend I could ever ask for.”

“I thank you for all the things that you have shown, taught, and given to me, our children and our family,” she wrote. “Thank you for teaching how to forgive humans and give me another chance, not to be quick to judge and write off. Thank you for showing how I am not afraid of love and to be the best person I can ever be.”

“My world wouldn’t be the same without you,” she continued. “Words will never express what you and Malachi means to me, I love you and adore you always. May the Absolute continue to bless you, our family and our planet.”

Dumile ends up stating that the popular rapper “moved on October 31st.”

Born in London, but raised in New York, DOOM became one of the most mysterious figures in hip-hop when he wore the metallic mask of Marvel badguy Doctor Doom in 1997. He chose the mask after appearing again in hip-hop after disbanding his first set, KMD, That split after the death DJ SuprockDOOM’s younger brother. Before the release of KMD’s album in its second year, 1993 Black bastardsSuprock hit and killed.

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DOOM has rarely been seen in public without what has become his signature, and he’s been known for sending impersonators to photo shoots – or even shows – wearing it.

DOOM, as an independent visionary of hip-hop, has partnered with producers often to create mixed projects, the most famous being Madvelini With Madlib. The album took two years to prepare and was released in 2004, and is considered one of the most prolific indie hip-hop releases in history. Other collaborative efforts include working with MF GrimmAnd the Danger MouseAnd the Bishop NehruAnd the Ghost faceAnd the Flying lotus And recently Too bad.

The announcement of DOOM’s death sent a wave of grief on Twitter.

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“May Allah reward you with good with our brother MF DOOM,” Wrote Jay Electronica.

Tyler the Creator Wrote, “Evil safe travel.”

a Video From Tyler W. Earl sweatshirt A passionate encounter with the legend in 2013 made the rounds on the social media site again. A sweatshirt appears alongside the DOOM character Victor Vaughn And the Thunder cat In 2013 Captain Murphy-slash-Flying Lotus track “Between the Villains.”

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The British Broadcasting Station Worldwide FM makes greeting To the rapper tonight.

Many noted that the death of the mysterious Halloween-wearing MC, with her announcement on New Year’s Eve, was something that only DOOM would be behind.

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“This is crazy for me …” Questlove Wrote, “Mocking the death of an artist in 2020 famous for wearing a mask. Just cool.”

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