Google plans to update its iOS apps with privacy tags soon

Earlier in the day, Fast company Share an article suggesting Google has it After the update It Iphone And the IPAD To bring it in line with the new from Apple App Store Privacy stickers requirements. Fast company It’s speculated that Google might be trying to delay revealing its privacy label data, but it turns out that isn’t the case.

According to a report from TechCrunchIn fact, Google is not taking a stand against Apple’s privacy stickers and is actually planning to add privacy data to its iOS app catalog as soon as this week or next week.

Apple has implemented privacy information for the app In iOS 14.3After promising advantage when IOS 14 It was announced for the first time. App privacy labels provide customers with a way to determine what data the app is collecting about them before they choose to install it.

Apple requires all apps to self-report privacy information in the App Store, and developers must identify all instances of data collection and use. Labels are separated into categories including data used to track you, data associated with you and data not associated with you, indicating that it is anonymous.

There has been some negativity associated with app privacy as Facebook has been recalled for having a tall sticker due to the amount of data it collects, and it’s very likely that Google has similar privacy stickers.

As of December 8, all submitted app updates must include privacy label information, and most Google apps designed for iOS devices have not seen updates since before December 7. It is not clear why Google delayed updating its iOS apps when it updated the Android apps, but it might be due to the holiday period. Google is implementing a code freeze from late December to early January, which is TechCrunch It suggests the reason might be behind the lack of iOS updates.

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