Federal judge blocks Parler’s offer to restore Amazon Web Services

Judge Barbara Rothstein issued a ruling on Thursday saying Parler did not meet the legal requirements for a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction.

This decision does not end the lawsuit, but it does mean that the court will not compel Amazon Web Services to allow Parler to return to its cloud hosting platform. Amazon’s move effectively pushed Parler out of the public internet.

It was Parler, the alternative social media platform preferred by the far right File a lawsuit against AWS Earlier this month after AWS claimed Parler had not done enough to remove instances of incitement from its website.
Amazon previously said Parler’s lawsuit was “unfounded” and He argued in a legal brief That Parler “has demonstrated an unwillingness and inability to remove from Amazon Web Services (‘AWS’) content servers that threaten public safety.”

Parler CEO, John Matzy, said in a lawsuit on Monday that Parler does not have the resources to host itself on its own servers. Parler attempted to look for an AWS hosting alternative from at least six different potential providers after it became clear that Amazon would not work with it, but Parler was refused, according to a court filing.

Parler website He suddenly appeared on the Internet On a Sunday afternoon with a message from Matzy: “Hello world, does this thing work?” It remains unclear who might actually end up providing the servers that Parler’s social network will run on.
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