Bod Camille Nanjiani is stirring up racism and steroid controversy

After posting a picture of himself looking so ripped apart, actor Camille Nanjiani has become a popular topic on Twitter, a development that some social media watchers have been spreading unfounded rumors of the steroid – others have criticized the speech as racist.

“Happy New Year! I celebrated Pandan Tres Leach from Marysmakeshop that made me rethink everything,” Nanjiani, 42, wrote down Instagram image Over the weekend he posted a modest show of his long-sleeved shirt-covered muscles. “I only eat Pandan Trees Leach from now on.”

The innocently written photo inspired an extensive comment on social media regarding the comedian’s physical transformation, which he underwent for his role in the upcoming Marvel movie “Eternals”, with the participation of Angelina Jolie and Kate Harrington.

Since then, many haters have taken to Twitter to voice theories about whether the Oscar nominee “The Big Sick” exploited steroids, but comedian fans were quick to jump in and describe the speculation as racism and physical shame.

“Shame on the body of Camille Nanjiani … for being tied? Is a strange way,” explained one of the defenders controversy Tweet is now viralPointing out that several white actors “did the same Super Soldier program and didn’t get any flips for it.”

No Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Chase Pratt were accused of wandering when torn apart by various roles, Notice another userYet Nanjiani – a Pakistani-American – uniquely faces speculation.

“Notice how she only makes fun of men of color, but not your white favorites,” Another tweet indicated viral, By comparing those who speculate about Nanjiani’s ability to naturally improve with those who mocked actor Chadwick Boseman’s slender physical appearance prior to his death.

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Nanjiani representatives did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment on the online debate.

However, the actor and screenwriter has previously been clear about his bodybuilding journey.

“I never thought I’d be one of those people who might post a thirsty shirtless shirt, but I’ve worked hard for a very long time, so here we are,” he said Topless photo From the same in December 2019.

“I found out a year ago that I would be participating in Marvel’s” Eternals “and decided that I wanted to change my appearance.” He went on to thank the human exercise team and not the chemist who helped him achieve his muscles.

At the time, that was the picture, too Make him criticize.

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