A Texas judge could face charges of painting on a racist court sign

A Texas judge is undergoing a criminal investigation for what prosecutors described as an act of vandalism against “historic signs dating from the apartheid era” in a local court, Dallas Morning News Reports. Ellis County Judge Todd Little found himself in hot water after a YouTube video appeared apparently showing him ordering another man to paint over a court sign saying “niggers” – a sign local authorities say should be preserved and allowed to remain in the courtroom As a reminder of the past. The banner in the basement of Ellis County Courthouse became the subject of controversy in November after the only black candidate elected to a county-level position this year was granted an office near the sign, forcing him to look at it every day.

This official, Constable Curtis Polk Jr., described it as a “shame” for working near the sign. Little, who said at the time that the sign was kept so that the “evil” of apartheid never happened again, gave Polk a new office and, according to the plaintiffs, the banner was drawn shortly after. Little can be “heard and seen” in a video of the incident because it “encourages and directs” another man to spray paint on the sign, while also asking my deputy sheriff to “stand down and take no action,” outgoing county attorney Patrick M. Wilson in a lawsuit. Rather than forcing local authorities to rethink placement of the sign in the courtroom, the incident only led to Ellis County, DA, to consider charging Little and doubling the retention of the mark. It is expected to be restored, as the authorities classify its destruction not as an act of protest, but rather an act of sabotage, causing damage of around $ 750. Potential charges that could raise criminal harm include; Reckless damage or destruction; And graffiti in a public monument.

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